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“TALBIUN” Lodge is located in the heart of the famous Orkhon Valley, which has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

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“TALBIUN” Lodge is located in the heart of the famous Orkhon Valley, which has been UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. If you want to find the exact location on the map, look south of the Orkhon River for the name Khaalgan Denj, Khujirt Sum in the Uvurkhangai Aimag region, the cradle of nomadic culture. Here began the empire of the Mongols, they also rode to the west and conquered on the back of their horses an empire that reached to the gates of Europe. The archaeological finds from this vast valley prove that this region has been inhabited for 40000 years, since the Paleolithic until today. Nowadays the life of the nomads seems almost unchanged – as always they are busy with their herds of cattle, their horses, yaks sand goats. The only sign of modernity of the motorcycle which stands next to horse in front of each yurt, as well as the electricity, which thanks to ubiquitous solar cells has also entered the yurts and feeds the TV and the fridge there. In Talbiun Lodge – equipped with modern sanitary facilities (hot shower, toilet, electricity, and a dining room, which was painted by the famous Mongolian artist TS. Tsegmed ), you will enjoy the absolute tranquility, the boundless vastness, the special atmosphere of the Steppe, the breathtaking sunrises, and sunsets, living in traditional, but in European style furnished yurts… and in the biggest tourist attractions of Central Mongolia.

Our restaurant fresh meals.

Restaurant : Dining room-80 seats, Sun terrace -50 seats.

  • A dining room for 80 people, artistically decorated in colorful stone-age décor designed by the famous.
  • Mongolia Artist Ts.Tsegmed and well equipped with different kind of drinks an excellent kitchen-it is not without reason that a family member always rules over the dishes that are served on the table.

Ger /Yurts/

4 luxury yurt house, 24 modern gers (TSOMTSOG GER) and 14 standard gers with double bed, two beds, three beds, four beds for 100-120 guests.


  • Mongolian exotic cuisine
  • Visiting nomad families and experiencing their culture
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Cycling

Sightseeing through World Heritage Orkhon Valley to see the Orkhon Waterfall, Kharkhorin, Tuvkhun Monastery, Temeet rock, petroglyphs and participate in local festivals.

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