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Hints and Tips for Mongolia

By April 23, 2019No Comments

Mongolia is big, and sparsely populated, and roads are few and long, so getting anywhere can take a long time. Consider taking internal flights to save time. A fun way to get to Mongolia is to take the Trans-Mongolian Express, one the three Trans-Siberian lines, which goes via Moscow to Beijing and stops in Ulaanbaatar.
It’s best to bring a Mongolian phrasebook, as outside of Ulaanbaatar nobody will speak English. If you know Russian, you will get along a lot better though. Signage is in Cyrillic. The food out on the countryside can get a bit wearisome, as it consists mainly of mutton, and mutton, and more mutton. Visa requirements vary from country to country, check out the Mongolian embassy website in your country to find out if you need one and if so, what is required.

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