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Before we start to talk about mongolian dishes we need to explain the weather condition in Mongolia. In the 90s mongolian dishes influenced by Russian cuisines in many ways. But before that the nomads we have been prefered to eat mainly meat and milk products.


  • Famous Mongolian Cuisine: that you should try Khuushuur, Buuz, Khorkhog , Boodog.
  • Milk products: Aaruul, Urum.
  • Drinks: Milk tea, black tea, airag, khoormog.
  • Typical breakfast : Compared to any other countries mongolian’s dont give that much attention to breakfast while many of them rushing for their work and kid’s school.
  • Vegetables: Potatoes, carrots, onion, cabbage. And other special vegetables are supposed to serve in the restaurants in capital city.
  • Meat: Beef, mutton and chicken, lately Mongolians prefer to eat pork.
  • Other: We have lately special culture about cheese.


  • Restaurants that serve European dishes: Veranda, Rosewood, Route 22, Choijin Lama Temple.
  • Restaurants that serve Korean dishes: Sura Korean Restaurant, Biwon Korean Restaurant.
  • Restaurants that serve Chinese dishes: Yu-Long Chinese Restaurent, Huashin Restaurant.


In Ulaanbaatar, we choose from finest European and Mongolian restaurants and in the countryside, ger camps serve some European and Mongolian meals. Meat is the main recipe for lunch and dinner. In particular, traditional Mongolian meals contain more meat. Tourist ger camp example menu of the meals is; tea, coffee, bread, jam, butter, eggs and sausage for breakfast. There are some cookies, cheese, cereals, pancakes and more will be served at some of the ger camps for breakfast.

They serve some salads, cream/vegetable/ Mongolian soups and main courses (pasta, rice, vegetables, beef/mutton/chicken/fish near lakes/rivers), dessert and tea for lunch. Salad, main course, dessert, and tea will be served for dinner. If you are a vegetarian or have dietary etc. please inform us in advance. We will book the meals accordingly. We also serve daily bottled water. The meals at the tourist ger camps tend to be more European while you can try traditional Mongolian meals with nomads.