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Mongolian Food Culture

Before we start to talk about mongolian dishes we need to explain the weather condition in Mongolia. In the 90s mongolian dishes influenced by Russian cuisines in many ways.

Mongolian Food Culture
Naadam, Khuvsgul ice, Gobi camel, Eagle festivals.

Festivals in Mongolia

Naadam festival is all about hores racing, wrestling and archery. Naadam is a national festival celebrated every year from 11 to 13 July across Mongolia that focuses on three traditional games: horseracing, wrestling and archery.

Mongolian Festivals
Introduce about capital of Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar is one of 100 cities with the youngest population, with 63.9% of its residents are younger than 35-year-olds. Rapidly developing capital Ulaanbaatar’s life becomes more effective and enjoyable during summer and autumn.

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