Discover Mongolia by its capital Ulaanbaatar, breathtaking nature of World Heritage Orkhon Valley, sand dune – Elsen Tasarkhai and ancient capital city of Mongol Empire Kharakhorum city and different national parks.

Discover Mongolia by its capital Ulaanbaatar, breathtaking nature of World Heritage Orkhon Valley and Elsen Tasarkhai. Most of all, you will be introduced to the shaman/spiritual culture in Mongolia, the highlight of this tour a shaman will be touring with you together on the countryside.

This tour combines all the highlights of Mongolia – from the busy capital Ulaanbaatar to Gobi/Elsen Tasarkhai, beautiful Orkhon Valley and nomad lifestyle.. We hope this trip shall be memorable and adventurous to you. All the attractions you might want to see and visit are included in this tour.

Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai provinces are located in the center region of Mongolia. Elsen tasarkhai is an unique sight to see, a desert surrounded with mountainous area. The Uvurkhangai Province includes World Heritage Center Orkhon Valley and numerous archaeological remains of the nomads. And the site of the ancient capital city of Chinggis Khan – Kharkhorin – the center of the largest Empire the World has ever known. Also shaman’s performances and rituals will be showen in the nature and in the yurt.


June19/20 (upon flight) – July 01


11Days / 12 Nights


  • Visit Sun Worship Ceremony  by mongolian Shamans
  • Visit Fire Ceremony in the evening  also by shamans 
  • Experience with the shamans on the entire tour
  • Explore Elsen Tasarkhai/Gobi 
  • Explore Unesco World Heritage Orkhon Valley 
  • Visit ancient capital city of Great Mongol Empire “Kharkhorin”
  • Experience nomadic lifestyle
  • Stay in local Ger camps and Lodge

Our Price Includes

  • 8 overnights in Ger Lodges (twin/double bed)
  • Entrance fees and taxes of National Parks, museums and tourist attractions according to the program, travel permits
  • 3 overnight in hotel
  • Minivan with driver
  • Transfer to the Airport
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) except alcoholic drinks
  • Shaman and shaman followers (during orkhon valley)
  • Guide 

Not includes

  • International flight tickets
  • Soft  and alcoholic drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Any activities not mentioned in our program
  • Personal travel and cancellation insurance
  • Everything not mentioned as inclusive
  • Insurance


20.06.2019 Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

Pick up at Airport and drive directly to Ulaanbaatar. Surely, you will be exhausted after such long flight. Our driver will bring you right from the airport to your hotel in the city center.

Stay in Hotel Novotel 

Daytime view of Ulaanbaatar

Night view of Ulaanbaatar

21.06.2019 Day 2: Ub - Sun Worship Ceremony

After your rest in the hotel we will make some preparations for the “Sun Worship Ceremony” which will be held in the early of the next day. There are certain number of shaman centers in Mongolia and the shamans believe they are kind of connected to each other because of one tribe. They organize together every year on the 22th of June “Sun Worship Ceremony” in the near of Ulaanbaatar/Capital city. We will prepare everything for the ceremony and go ahead to the ger camp which locates in the near of ceremony spot.

Stay in ger camp or tent

22.06.2019 Day 3: Sun Worship Ceremony

This ceremony is all about praying and worshiping the sun, surrounding mountains and the nature. Mongolians believe that every mountain has it’s own lord. The shamans want to show their respect and love for the nature by worshiping them. So we are about to go there together as a group in the midnight because it will start along with the sunrise. As you can watch all the shamanic performances how their rituals are combined with the nature. There will be also many mongolian viewers who believes in shaman.

In the evening we will visit together the fire ceremony. It’s one kind of way that shaman connects with their holy spirits and the surrounding nature. Shamanic performances with the fire will be showen there. 

Stay in ger camp or tent

24.06.2019 Day 3: Sweet gobi

After lunch we will head to little sand dunes to the west. There we stay in sweet gobi eco camp.

Sweet gobi: This 80-km sand dune is situated in a terrain of 3 Soums, Erdenesant of Tuv Aimag, Burd of Uvurkhangai, Gurvanbulag of Bulgan Aimag, starting from west of Mount Batkhaan and stretches along west of Mount Khugnu Khan . The main road separates this sand dune into two parts, Mongol Els on the south and Khugnu Tarnyn Els on the north. The sand is sodden under its surface, so shrubberies such as willow, elm and dogwood, grow in the area. There are many tourist camps around the sight. Elsen

Stay in Sweet gobi eco lodge

25.06.2019- 29.06.2019 Day 6,7,8,9:Talbiun Lodge - UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE ORKHON VALLEY

After breakfast we will go to Talbiun Lodge. The lodge is located at the beautiful scenario of Khaalgan Denj, Khujirt sum of the Uvurkhangai province, the heartland of ancient nomads. We will settle in our ger lodge and have a lunch. The following activities are included on these days:: visit local nomad family, ride a horse, hiking on a mountain which is located in the near of our lodge, shaman rituals in the nature and also in the yurt, doing meditation alongside Orkhon river and many other stuffs which is related with the nomad lifestyle. Also you have in between free time where you could ask and talk with the shaman privately.

Stay in Talbiun Lodge

Day 10: Kharkhorum - First capital city of Great Mongol empire

After breakfast at the lodge we drive to Kharkhorin, the capital city of ancient Great Mongol Empire.
The city was established in 1220. Kharkhorin was the capital of Mongolia for 140 years and the capital of the Mongol Empire for 32 years. The Erdenezuu monastery and the ruins of Kharkhorin were registered by UNESCO as world heritage in 1996. Major tourist attractions include Erdenezuu monastery, newly built Kharkhorin museum, open museum and mosaic map of Chinggis Khaan.

B/L as snack/D
distance (~380 km)

Day 11 : Ulaanbaatar

Today we drive back to the capital Ulaanbaatar and check into a hotel. After refreshing from the trip we will have a folk concert and dinner hosted by A Star Mongolia in local restaurant.

Stay in Novotel hotel *****

Day 12: Departure

We hope you had a great trip and wish you safe journey

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